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Custom Paintings Info

We have been getting a great response with Daniela's custom family paintings!!! Here's the pricing & info:

11 x 14 ($55.00 +  $15 shipping)
16 X 20 ($99.00 +  $19 shipping)
18 X 24 ($119.00 + $19 shipping)
24 X 30 (149.00 + $25 shipping)
24 x 36 ($180.00 + $30 shipping)

*Please note: There is a possible 4 - 6 week long waiting period depending upon the amount of orders daniela currently has.

***For holiday orders around November-December, it may take longer to get it to you by Christmas. Please e-mail us with any questions or to let us know a specific date that you'd need it by. Thanks!

*The 11x14 size is limited to 1 person or pet and the 16x20 size is limited to 3 people or pets. The 18 X 24 size is limited to 4 people or pets.

If you are interested, you can contact us here through the contact page on this site or you can e-mail us at littlepunkpeople@gmail.com with your idea for the color scheme and pics of yourself and/or your family.

*If you don't have a paypal account, we can set your order up right here in the online store so you would be able to purchase it like any other item and pay with a credit card if that is easier.